national art center tokyo

the national art center tokyo is an art museum in the roppongi area in tokyo. the museum is a joint project of the agency for cultural affairs and the national museums independent administrative institution. the building is located on a site which was formerly occupied by a research facility of the university of tokyo. the facility has 47,960 m² of floor space on a 30,000 m² site with four stories above ground and one below.

gps: 35.66528, 139.72637 / code: japtok0316

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location: tokyo

architect: kisho kurokawa

completed: unknown

photo: 180113

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harajuku christian church

the center of the church is a wide nave in combination with six arches. those arches and the bell tower stand for the seven elements or the seven days of creation whereas the bright ceiling alludes to the holy spirit comming to the cummunity.

gps: 35.670639 139.7144012 / code: japtok0012

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location: japan, toyko

architect: henri gueydan ciel rouge création

completed: 2006

photo: 14/12/30


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tod`s omotesando flagship store

the tod’s building which is located on omotesando, tokyo´s famous tree-lined avenue in the aoyama district, is wrapped in a skin of criss-crossed concrete braces and glass that mimics the trees lining the street. light enters the building through the clear glass that fills the gaps between the concrete braces on the north side frontal façade. the concrete braces also serve as space dividers inside the building where the natural materials, stone, wood and leather, reflect the quality of tod’s leather goods.

gps: 35.66592025756836 139.71009826660156  / code: japtok0063

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location: japan, tokyo

architect: toyo ito

completed: 2004

photo: 15/12/28


IMG_5906     IMG_5901

shibuya station extension

the tokyo metro is one of the most used underground railways in the world. additionally, it is one of the most complex suburban transport systems with 13 lines and over 270 stations. among those stations is shibuya station with over 2.4 million passengers per day.

the new station designed by tadao ando was built in 2008 as a complete underground structure with tracks running more than 27 meters under ground.  the project is conceived as an “egg” which is placed at the center of the entire station. ando called it “chichusen” which means “underground spaceship”.

gps: 35.65908050537109 139.70109558105469 / code: japtok0048

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location: tokyo

architect: tadao ando

completed: 2008

photo: 180111


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central park tower – la tour shinjuku

the central park tower la tour shinjuku is one of the few buildings by sumitomo fudosan providing apartments for sale. the tower  is located directly across the street from shinjuku central park and some apartments may have views of the park as well as the tokyo metropolitan government building.

gps: 35.692185, 139.688647 / code: japtok0325

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location: tokyo

architect: unknown

completed: unknown

photo: 180114



shibuya stream

the shibuya stream tower is an approximately 180 m tall structure with a total floor space of about 116,700 square meters on 35 stories above ground. the floors are planned as multipurpose areas resevered for creative workers. the name of the building refers to the nearby shibuya river which is a rather unattractive channel but which has the potential to become a new greenspace in the center of shibuya.

each floor can be freely divided into roughly 30 shops. furthermore, there will be a city hotel with about 180 rooms in floor 9 to 13. additionally, there are supporting areas like large conference halls and meeting places.

gps: 35.6573, 139.7032 / code: japtok0323

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location: tokyo

architect: unknown

completed: unknown

photo: 180114