small house kazuyo sejima

built in the heart of tokyo on a very narrow plot of 60 sqm only, this small house for a couple with children had to incorporate a terrace, a living / dining room as large as possible and provide future development spaces; a dialogue with the outside had to be established from inside the rooms. for such a small house (floor area 34 m², living area 76 m²), with no superfluous space, the area of ​​each room has been defined by its specific function. this rational approach is shown in the façade which results simply from the stacking of four planes with various dimensions. this superposition of plans had to take into account many parameters: preservation of a parking area, distance from neighboring buildings, establishment of the stairwell, specific use of each plan, etc.

gps: 35.67187118530273 139.71569824218750 / code: japtok0053

link to google maps

location: japan, tokyo

architect: saana

completed: 2000

photo: 15/12/28


IMG_5985     IMG_5989


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