louis vuitton matsuya ginza façade renewal

according to the architect, the design of the new façade of the louis vuitton matsuya ginza store was inspired by the art deco façades for which the famous shopping area was known before the war. together with the nearby shimbashi station, the first railway station in tokyo to where the goods from the port were transferred to the city center, the ginza area became the commercial center of pre-war tokyo.

the new façade is a combination of art deco elements with the so-called edo-komon, the pattern of traditional tokyo. additionally, there is a design connection to the famous louis vuitton pattern which is a also based upon repeated graphic elements. gentle bulges give the façade a vivid and elegant look. thanks to this geometric variations, the façade reveals various appearances in sunlight, and also during the night, when the led lights give the façade another expression.

gps: 35.6726494, 139.7669067 / code: japtok0026

link to google maps

location: japan, tokyo

architect: jun aoki & associates 

completed: 2013

photo: 15/12/29


IMG_6274     IMG_6263


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