treform apartments

the treform apartments complex consist of three units:


east unit by manabu chiba

the eastern unit is situated on triangular-shaped corner. the architect concentrated on providing openness on the one hand side and privacy on the other hand side. all the rooms have a rather high degree of glazing on the exterior.


north unit by shinchi ogawa

the northern unit is a narrow building which is located on the back side of the site, behind the two more prominent units. the minimal studio-type rooms on the first to fourth floors are undivided except of a box in the core containing a bathroom and storage space. on the top floor are two long penthouses.


west unit by ryue nishizawa

the western unit by ryue nishizawa is a concrete building. its chaotic forms bulge in and out, creating jagged gaps where the blocks forming the building appear to collide. the irregularly-shaped rooms look into these sharp interstices, creating unexpected views and adjacencies.


gps: 35.72618865966797 139.73210144042969 / code: japtok0071

link to google maps

location: japan, tokyo

architect: chiba manabu architects, shinichi ogawa & associates, ryue nishizawa

completed: 2012

photo: 16/01/01


IMG_6761     IMG_6762


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