shop in harajuku – former / casa / limited annex

when tadao ando´s building was completed, it originally served as an annex for the neighbouring hh style flagship store, designed by sanaa. yet, in january 2008, hh style left the main building and from this time on, ando´s building suffered from the change of various owners.

in contrast to the majority of ando`s buildings, it is not a concrete box but a dark metallic structure made out of 16mm steel plates with an angular façade which is folded like origami. the surface is painted with a zinc-based primer fluoropolymer paint. the layout also differs from the rational geometry characteristic of ando and becomes a much freer composition, including rotated elements and aggressive angles. this almost window-less object does not face the street, in fact its only visual connection to the road is a thin horizontal slit.

gps: 35.666125, 139.705392 / code: japtok0100

link to google maps

location: japan, tokyo

architect: tadao ando

completed: 2005

photo: 15/12/30


IMG_6376     IMG_6367


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