mikimoto flagship store ginza

the mikimoto tower is basically a  box – 17m wide by 14m deep and 48m high distributed over nine floors above ground and a basement – which at first glance does not defer from `normal` skyscrapers. yet, especially in the evening, when the lights inside the building make the façade concept understandable, the unusual shape of the windows and the luxurious interior can be experienced from the outside.

the  lower floors of the building are used as a shop and offices for mikimoto whereas the upper levels are rented as offices or multipurpose spaces.

as some of the windows in façade are located at the corners, it becomes obvious that the structure of the building is rather sophisticated.

the structural concept is based on the idea that the construction is maintained by its façade while leaving the interior without pillars. the steel plates of 1.2 cm were prepared and fixed with bolts networks in order to maintain a uniform thickness of 20 cm, and then concrete was poured between them. then, the prefabricated plates were transported and assembled on site. in order to guarantee a smooth surface, the exterior plates were painted and polished six times. 

gps: 35.67375946044922 139.76589965820312 / code: japtok0030

link to google maps

location: japan, kyoto

architect: toyo ito

completed: 2005

photo: 16/01/06


IMG_8895     IMG_8900


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