gifu kitagata apartments I

the kitagata housing complex is a large scale public housing reconstruction project which is situated about 15 minutes from the center of gifu city by car. under the coordination of the japanese architect arata isozaki four female architects were chosen  to execute the projects.

the linear wing designed by architect akiko and hirosi takahashi sits on the north-west part of the site where the idea for the overall layout of the development was to run the buildings around the perimeter.

the takahashi wing housing unit has got a rather shallow depth. the ceiling is composed of continuous series of half-circles which is giving the building a unique style. this uniquely integrated pattern which can also be seen from outside, creates a visual excitement and adds character for both the inside and outside. glass panels are employed between the living units and the boundary wall to avoid influences by light and shadow.

the room type unit are standardized regarding the dimensions. movable partitions and movable furniture allow freedom of rearrangement of apartment layouts. this variability is not only regarded positively by the users. nevertheless, this system allows the adaptation of the apartment to new uses, new users and changing family composition.

gps: 35.43328, 136.6849 / code: japgif0001

link to google maps

location: japan, gifu

architect: takahashi / workstation

completed: 1998

photo: 17/01/06


img_3571     img_3630


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