hyogo prefectural museum of art

the hyogo prefectural museum of art is situated on the kobe waterfront. the museum was planned integrally together with the kobe waterfront plaza (see below) as part of the reconstruction scheme after the kobe earthquake in 1995.

the museum is composed of two elements: a base platform of white granite, which steps up through a series of grand stairs, ramps and plazas from the waterfront plaza and a set of three rectangular volumes.  the rectangular volumes are planned along a north-south axis and are separated by the external plaza. thus,  framed views towards the mountains on the one hand side and the skyline of kobe on the opposite side.

the cubes are open towards the waterfront side. the space in front is protected by overhanging roofs. the backside is towards the city is less welcoming.

the composition of the building is very similar to that of the modern art museum of fort worth which ando was designing at the same time.

gps: 34.699179, 135.217895 / code: japkob0001

link to google maps

location: japan, kobe

architect: tadao ando

completed: 2002

photo: 17/01/10


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