organic building

completed in 1993, the organic building has since been named a civic landmark by the city of osaka, which has undertaken its maintenance in perpetuity. the organic building features 7,052 square meters of interior space on nine stories with restaurants and retail on the street with office space above. 

the exterior is covered with steel-encased concrete panels glazed with a red finish that feature extruding pockets. inside these containers are fiberglass planters that contain more than 80 types of indigenous plants and trees selected in collaboration with osaka horticulturists. thus, the building is creating  a vertical garden. this contributes to the overall original look of the building which made it become one of the city’s landmarks in the past years. the 80 types of plants and trees were selected by asking help from specialized local horticulturists.

gps: 34.67737, 135.49912 / code: japosa0013

link to google maps

location: japan, osaka

architect: gaetano pesce

completed: 1993

photo: 17/01/12




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