fukoku seimei tower

the architects`strategy was to design a fassade, which creates a kaleidoscopic effect that is able to distract the viewer`s perception, distorting the real dimension of the building to create a fluid transition with the urban context. there is  rather big  public space around the tower which helps to integrate the building into the urban context.

gps: 34.70226, 135.50019 / code: japosa0004

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location: japan, osaka

architect: dominique perrault

completed: 2010

photo: 17/01/12




kobe kaisei hospital / comfort hills rokko

this building complex combines a hospital with a nursing home including a nursing care unit. it can be regarded as a further addition to the rokko housing units I – III which are located only some hundred meters away. next to the site where the existing kobe hitoshi hospital had been built, ando first built a new hospital, then later changed the existing building into a pay nursing home.

gps: 34.723766, 135.225751 / code: japkob0004

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location: japan, kobe

architect: tadao ando

completed: unknown

photo: 17/01/10



rokko housing I-III

the rokko housing comlex I -III consists of 244 residential units built between 1981 and 2000 in three stages. rokko I is the first large residential building project of ando after a series of single-family houses. the elements of his later style are already clearly visible: ando uses uncompromising, unadorned concrete, deliberately allowing light and wind to enter the geometrically precisely defined spaces.


rokko I

the ground plan of the complex is based on a regular and symmetrical ground grid, in this case 5.4 x 4.8 meters. in the middle is the shared access road. the irregular topography of the mountain slope breaks the severity of the plan and ensures different sculptural design of the residential units. one might almost think that the concrete cubes naturally descended the slope.


rokko II

is slightly above the buildings of the first stage and was built between 1989 and 1993. ando increased the ground raster to 5.2 x 5.2 meters. rokko I is aimed at young people and is clearly caught up with the idea of living together. rokko II, on the other hand, is a fruit of the japanese bubble economy. the giant apartments with high ceilings and parquet floors for japanese proportions have spacious private terraces and gardens; the residents share a sauna, fitness room with a view over the harbor and a large swimming pool.


rokko III

rokko III is again three times the size of rokko II. although the 174 housing units were planned for a long time, their construction was only made possible by the 1995 earthquake. the goal this time was not expensive and luxurious housing, but quickly realizable apartments for earthquake victims.


gps: 34.72496, 135.22721 / code: japkob0003

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location: japan, kobe

architect: tadao ando

completed: 1983 – 1999

photo: 17/01/10