house in a plum grove

the “house in a plum grove” was built for a young couple with two children and a grandmother who chose kazyuo sejima as their architect. the house should be “a shelter for the mind” and “a place to enjoy the blossoming plum trees in the garden”.

the construction site had only 92.30 m² with a couple of plum trees and wild flowers. for quite a long time the couple had wanted to build their own house. their dream was to live in a white box which should not have any influence on their ideas how life should be. their home should neither show wealth nor attract attention. their house had to be much more spiritual, a place for balancing the mind and relaxing the body.

gps: 35.64262, 139.6224 / code: japtok0014

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location: tokyo

architect: sanaa

completed: unknown

photo: 171230





shibaura house

shibaura house by kazuyo sejima is a multi-storey building with flexible workshop rooms in the shibaura district in tokyo. the building offers different rooms on several “terraces” and can be used for many different functions and activities, such as meetings, conferences, evening events, lectures or exhibitions. the steel and glass construction is perforated from terraces to the outside and offers a high degree of daylight in every room.

the steel structure of shibaura house supports a glass curtain wall penetrated with setbacks for terraces on the front and back elevations. the ground floor can be entered freely. the space which serves as a public lounge for the community is furnished with chairs and tables for universal usage.

gps: 35.64215, 139.7485 / code: japtok0046

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location: japan, tokyo

architect: kazuyo seijima

completed: 2011

photo: 17/01/13


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