abeno harukas

japan railway’s kintetsu corporation built the skyscraper as a hub for various railway terminals. the 60-storey building became the tallest skyscraper in the country at 300m height. the skyscraper has a total floor space of 306,000m² and provides direct connections to the kansai international airport and the osaka international airport.the building also includes observatory decks, a museum, a university, a hotel, a department store, restaurants, retail spaces and offices.

gps: 34.64563, 135.51444 / code: without

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location: japan, osaka

architect: cesar pelli

completed: 2014

photo: 17/01/12




organic building

the walls of the construction features extruded pockets with plants, thus creating an  vertical garden. this idea also contributes to the overall original look of the building which made it become one of the city’s landmarks in the past years. the 80 types of plants and trees were selected by asking help from specialized local horticulturists.

gps: 34.67737, 135.49912 / code: japosa0013

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location: japan, osaka

architect: gaetano pesce

completed: 1993

photo: 17/01/12



fukoku seimei tower

the architects`strategy was to design a fassade, which creates a kaleidoscopic effect that is able to distract the viewer`s perception, distorting the real dimension of the building to create a fluid transition with the urban context. there is  rather big  public space around the tower which helps to integrate the building into the urban context.

gps: 34.70226, 135.50019 / code: japosa0004

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location: japan, osaka

architect: dominique perrault

completed: 2010

photo: 17/01/12



kamigata rakugo association hall osaka

the building designed by ando contains rehearsal rooms and a gallery dedicated to the ancient tradition of storytelling in addition to a large event space. a slender slit window in the front facade represents the kamigata symbol of the old scripture, situating the project in its context.

gps: 34.69517898559570 135.51359558105469/ code: japosa0008

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location: japan, osaka

architect: tadao ando

completed: 2012

photo: 16/01/10